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Published: 22nd March 2011
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The history of Kashmir Shawls is very interesting and old perhaps. It is a work of delicacy, tremendous concentration and too much of patience. The decoration is formed by weft threads interlocked where the colors change, the weavers passing them between the warps using bobbins around, which the variously colored threads are wound. The raw material for pashmina is brought from and taken to for hand-weaving followed by embroidery and finishing. Kashmiri shawls are rare and unique, due to its peculiar charm that is derived from the symphony of color schemes depicting architectural and mythological figures interwoven with landscape designs.

Kashmir, the state of India is a country of rich and diverse tradition, beauty, nature, festivals, colors, fragrances, languages and religions, therefore Kashmiri traditional handicrafts promises everything - beauty, dignity, form and style. The majestic appeal of Kashmiri arts and crafts lies in its exclusivity and mystical tone which leaves people mesmerized.

Kashmiri handicrafts are known throughout the world for their artistic work and grandeur. The vast cultural and ethnic diversity of Kashmir has enabled a variety of motifs, techniques and crafts to flourish on this land. The various handicrafts are in tune with its age-old splendid civilization, which has been perfected over centuries. Be it Kashmiri carpets, shawls, paper machie or any other craft, it is only the kashmiri artisan who can hands down show his mastery to crave out those master pieces of kashmiri art & craft.

Kashmir represents a manufacturing class of Kashmiri handicrafts. At Kashmir we manufacture and market the Kashmiri handicrafts directly from the source, thereby discouraging the middleman who exploits the manufacturer directly. By your co-operation we are going to end the exploitation of the middleman in our business and start a new era of business and friendship with you. Right now more then 455 families are working for Kashmir about 300 families are directly taken care by it.

We specialise in export of handmade-knotted carpets, paper machie , Chain -stich and handmade shawls including pashmina shawls from Kashmir . Already we are providing such services to our various clients worldwide. In this connection we can initially provide your organization some intricate categories of crafts to test the market there and than we intend to establish a permanent business relation in the future. Kashmiri handicrafts have the tremendous potential in the national and international arena. Be it Kashmiri carpet, shawls, paper machie all are exported to different parts of the world from Kashmir. We look upon your organization as one of very potential houses to do business with in the very near future. Initially we would be available to answer your queries about the art and craft segment from Kashmir and of late we could establish a partnership in this field whereby we can provide your organization all kinds of basic support in terms of potential handicraft goods of any category which your organization or any of your clients desire. brings you exquisite art & craft of Jammu & Kashmir, handicraft items like shawls, ponchu, stoles, tea cozy, gown, jackets, cushion covers, Carpet, Silk, Namda rugs, Papier mache, saffron, etc.


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